Achieve better conversion rates with seamless screening

Streamline your screening process for tenants and buyers, utilise property-based customer risk rating, enhance KYC and initiate payments from within your app; all with the power and security of Open Banking.

The problem

Traditional processes in the real estate industry include manual screening of buyers and tenants, and use of outdated information for decision-making.

The solution

Wysely fully automates your screening processes using live financial information that was previously ignored, like your applicant's historical payment behaviour.


How we help Real Estate and Proptechs

Using Wysely, you can gain a competitive advantage and make the difference for your customers.


Make your applicant screening a stressless process

For tenants:

Use Wysely to determine the risk (high, medium or low) of renting to an applicant, match them to the right property, evaluate their ability to pay in the future, but also learn from the tenant's response to their past financial obligations (rents, loans, etc).

For buyers:

Check whether a potential buyer has sufficient funds to buy and validate the ownership of their bank account.

Use property-based customer risk rating to effectively upsell and downsell

Through an integrated onboarding process, Wysely enables you to analyse the risk rating of potential customers to specific properties, so that you can suggest alternative personalised options to your tenants, when necessary.


After sales tracking for future reference

Don't miss out on data you already own! See how your tenants are paying up to 90 days after the contract is signed and use this information in future interactions with them.


What's next

Use Wysely to take your proptech or real estate business to the next level, and make the difference in your market.

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