Automate your customer onboarding

Automate your credit assessment process for individuals and sole traders, provide a digital onboarding experience and drive revenue through greater transaction volume.

The problem

Time-consuming manual credit underwriting processes are a bottleneck to achieve digital onboarding, leaving customers unsatisfied.

The solution

Wysely offers a fully automated credit assessment and client onboarding solution that enables instant decisions, personalised offers and payments within your app, to satisfy digital savvy customers.


How we help the leasing industry

Automate your onboarding process and attract more customers


Streamline your customer onboarding with automated credit assessment

Wysely offers a seamless integration to your existing onboarding process including an instant credit decision with the customer receiving an immediate response or personalised offer. All it takes is the addition of a single button to your existing user interface. Go truly digital by making credit assessment fully digital.

Identify and sell more to your most valuable customers

Import your own historical data and payment records to Wysely, at any time, to identify high paying customers and cross-sell to them similar or different leasing equipment.


Initiate payments from within your app*

Payment initiation is the Open Banking way of receiving payments, at the fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Using the same seamless journey, your users are securely initiating the payment directly from their bank account, and you receive the funds in minutes.

* In selected countries only

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