Get to know your business partners efficiently

Use live and accurate data to evaluate the financial health of your business partners and get notified about adverse changes.

The problem

Screening applicants or monitoring business partners is difficult or impossible, as financial information about them is incomplete or outdated, especially for sole proprietorships.

The solution

Wysely gives access to financial data that shows quickly and accurately a financial health check of new and existing franchisees, helping you to keep and expand a healthy network of partners.


How we help your franchise business

Wysely can help you run and expand your partners network efficiently.


Streamline your screening process

Wysely can help you drastically improve your screening process. With a single customer journey you can:

  • Get a clear and complete picture of your applicant's financials but also their history to their past financial obligations.
  • Validate your applicant's identity by retrieving bank account holder information and verify their IBAN number.
  • Check your applicant's ability to pay a one-off amount.

Make the best of your partnership with existing franchisees

Get updated information on your partners' transactional behaviour and events that may affect your partnerships. Receive financial reports on a weekly or monthly basis or immediate alerts when an important event occurs.


Receive credit reports in your CRM

Use our API to integrate risk insights directly in your CRM, ERP or BI software. Get access to a plethora of credit data analytics including income and affordability, a series of credit scores (income and repayment scores), predictions, and risk indicators.

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