Bring your credit decision process to the next level

Make insightful credit decisions fast and accurately, by analysing the magnitude of transactional data, automating your heavy credit underwriting procedures.

The problem

The traditional credit decision approach is based on conventional scoring models and on outdated documentation.

The solution

Use transactional data and data science to get real and current credit worthiness assessment of customers.


How we help financial institutions

Increase disbursements and acceptances and reduce your default rates.


Modernise your credit decision process

Wysely helps you identify sources and expenses and how these are categorised, ensuring your income verification process is accurate. Affordability indicators are also provided along with disposable income. We provide risk insights using indicators such as gambling, and scores to evaluate payment stability for liabilities such as loans or rents. Using alternative credit assessment Wysely supports you with a proprietary risk rating system

Accelerate your credit analysis

By using Wysely's machine learning and Natural Language Processing multi layer processes, you can omit the lengthy process of accumulating outdated customer papers to identify and verify one's financial information. You get actionable insights such as risky behaviours quickly, avoiding spending enormous time manually going through your data. Wysely's customisable product is able to fit your specific requirement and setup.


Enrich your CRM with insightful customer's data

Wysely offers a framework of data that helps you know your customer better. Learn one's spending preferences, how their expenditure fluctuates and what they prefer spending their money on. Identify shopping trends and their financing needs so that you can accurately design and market your products. Make personalised offering to clients or segments based on customer's spending patterns.

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